Michelangelo : Ensuring School Success and Reducing Early School Leaving through Fine Arts 

Project Information


Indentifier   2017-1-EL01-KA201-036177
Start Date:  Sep 25, 2017
End Date:   Sep 24, 2019
EC Contribution :  168.240,00 EUR


Municipality of Elefsina

3rd Gymnasium of Elefsina (EL) 

Athens Makerspace (EL)

Liceo Artistico "M.Preti/A. Frangipane" Reggio Calabria (IT)

Associazione Darsana Teranga (IT) ,

Comune di Siderno (IT) ,
Agrupamento de Escolas de Barcelos (PT) ,

Município de Barcelos (PT) ,

Associacio Intercultural Amigos da Mobilidade (PT)

Topics: Inclusion - equity; Quality Improvement Institutions and/or methods (incl.school development) ;

Early School Leaving / combating failure ineducation 

Project Summary

   The project is a school strategic partnership - exchange of good practices, underlining the pressing demand to
develop more effective school-community approaches and common strategies to face to ESL in multicultural and
multilingual learning communities.
Overall the project aims to share and confront at transnational level innovative ideas, schoolcommunity approaches, methods and tools among key actors in School Education in order to develop common strategies to prevent and tackle Early School Leaving in learning communities where cultural diversity is growing.
   The project aims to create a learning community based on training especially focusing on the fight against school
failure and early school dropouts using Fine Art as a powerful tool. It also aims at providing the target group with
the necessary tools to develop these aspects amongst early-school leavers through Fine Art to build teacher
capacity for competence oriented education.
    Building effective relationships between schools and the community at large can have an important effect on the quality of learning. These relationships may also change the community and structural factors that promote educational inequality.
    We develop a partnership to reinforce the bonds between schools, families and learners. This is particularly helpful for parents and families from disadvantaged backgrounds or for those parents who have had negative experiences of school in the past.
     The findings of the project's activities will contribute to defining the contents of the Guide "Michelangelo: didactic
and inclusive practice to fight school failure, early school leaving and dropping out through Fine Art” and the short

documentary on ESL and Fine Arts.

Non tangible results of the project:

* Building individual strengths and talents
* Pupils will feel respected and feel that their individual strengths, abilities and specific needs are recognized
* Learning environments that are welcoming, open, safe, and friendly and where pupils feel noticed, valued and
part of a community
* Empowering young people with a sense of ownership, belonging and selffulfilment, skills and knowledge that
enable them to be active citizens and play a positive role in society
* Coordination of measures at school, local, regional and national level to help avoiding overlaps and gaps in
* Better understanding of own history and environment
* Young people at risk of ESL will have easy access to different learning opportunities and targeted support
* A strengthen family-school relationship and parent engagement in schools
* A better students' success in school and motivation to complete their compulsory education
* An active parental involvement to the education process
* A better teachers parent cooperation
* Decreasing of anti-social behavior,
* A growth in extracurricular activities
* A better information of parents and community on the importance of education.

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