LTTA GREECE, 26/02/2019- 02/03/2018

Monday 26  February 2018

The first day began with the delegations at the Elefsina Town Hall who were welcomed by the Deputy Mayor and representatives. The representatives of the municipality started the presentation by showing us their vision for   the cultural capital of 2021. The old and new face of the city, the challenges to come and the power that draws from tradition and history were elements that impressed the guests.

It was followed by a presentation at the 3rd Gymnasium of Elefsina on the topic of Greece's educational system, statistics on early school leaving and finally on the influence of art in education. Particular reference was made to refugee education programs.
Later at noon our partners took a walk in the city with a tour of the most important places (old olive mill, Ag. Zacharias, Archaeological Site)


Tuesday 27 February 2018
A reception was held  at 10:00 am at the 3rd Gymnasium of Elefsina by the Director Panagiotis Liakeas. Also there was   a guided tour of the students at the school's premises (Teaching rooms, Laboratories, Vegetable garden etc.)
A follow-up of the 3rd Gymnasium of Elefsina on early school leaving , supported by another Erasmus + Project, Art, Technology & Sport, followed me to my School:

The website of the project (website, blog, e-twinning Platform,) and the Project Finalized Product Platform were presented.
An orchestra and choir performance was held by music teacher Ms. 
Flouda with school pupils and a breakdance performance was shown by Expression-Expression.
Then there was a T -Shirt Lab workshop from Athens Makerspace where each guest created his personal stamp. The workshop was attended by students of the class with particular interest. After lunch, a ceramic workshop was followed at  where pottery maker Mr. Katsaras introduced the partners to the educational programs that he implemented for the students. The clay, the colors, the observation and the concentration required by creative engagement with ceramics are the advantages of these programs. Mr. Katsaras created a relevant brochure for this visit which was distributed to the guests with the aim of better embodying art in education and pottery as a Hands on activity.


Wednesday 28 February 2018

The day was devoted to Museum Education in one of the most famous museums in Greece: the Acropolis Museum. Research suggests that the museum offers a global-cross-thematic approach to knowledge and believes it can contribute to the development of critical competence, the creation of tomorrow's active citizen and the building of critique of knowledge. Surveys made in this area have observed that students' behavior in museums shows that even the weakest students are encouraged to participate due to lack of scoring pressure or high performance. During the tour, a worksheet with questions, games, etc. was given as a sample that can be customized and used in all museums.

Thursday 01 March 2018
 The day included a robotics workshop at Athens Makerspace, where all partners planned the arduino circuits so that the sensors would avoid obstacles. New Technologies is the area that learners are interested in and can catalyze driving forces in their activation
In the afternoon there was a visit to the emblematic building of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation. After the tour, a worksheet was provided where the partners worked together to answer it. There a discussion was followed in the open space where everyone shared their concerns about education, exchanged ideas and practices and found that they had a common vision.
 On the piano, Ms. Flouda joined the high school professor of Ms. Federika Gallo the Italian school with her divine voice, moved not only Michelangelo's team but also all attending guests.

Friday 02 March 2018
The day included a visit to the 5th Primary School of Elefsina, where an exemplary reception of the group was made by the Director Mrs. Giota Antoniades and her teachers. After presenting the curriculum, the art programs in which the school has participated and won a prize for, we had the pleasure of hearing the children sing various songs composed by their teachers. The children were awarded prizes and also won our enthusiasm. The questions that our partners raised were as many just    as their interest was in this really dynamic school. The visit continued at the 1st EPAL of Elefsina, where the Erasmus + Project was originally under the umbrella of the Erasmus + Project, which they implement as part of the school's policy to tackle early school leaving , the practices of the project impressed the team as well as the tour to the workshops of Eleftherias Secretariat by Mrs. Liakos.
If time wasn’t an issue, the visit could of lasted all day. The visit to schools ended with a visit to the 1st General Lyseum of Elefsina, where the very interesting mediation program that implements the school was presented with very positive results. Guided visits to the library and school closed school visits.
 Gift Merchandise Distributing Follow-Up Certificates and Departures of the Partners.

LTTA ITALY _ 22 -26 October 2018

From the 22nd to the 26th of October 2018 Italy hosted Portoguese and Greek partners for LTTA of "Michelangelo" project. In this occasion Italy presented Italian Education system and its school by analysing their identity and some activities in order to fight school drop out. In the first day the partners were welcomed in Artistic High School where they could make a visit of its laboratories where are organized activities of different artistic sectors which are very useful and appreciated expecially by students with problems of socializing and in danger of-drop out. In the second day all the group moved to the Municipality of  Siderno where they were  welcomed by the Mayor and here were introduced some activities made by the students of a Primary school of Siderno based on the story telling. In the afternoon The Salesian oratory presented their project in order to help students with familiar and social problems in order to prevent school drop out. In the following days  the Greek and the Portoguese partners visited a Primary , a Vocational High School "Panella " and Accademy of Arts in Reggio which are some of the biggest schools involved in project activities  to help both excellent and difficult students. One evening was dedicated to the presentation of Italian traditional dishes and music.

DISSEMINATION activity: on the 23rd of October our partners were invited to a radio program to the channel Toring 104, a broadcast in Reggio, to present and explain the aim of Michelangelo project .

LTTA Barcelos- 18-23 November 2018

  The LTTA in Barcelos took place from November 18 to 23, 2018, being a very important moment for the project, as it allowed all members of the international consortium to see “in locuo” the functioning of the Portuguese education system.
   The Portuguese education system consists of 12 years of compulsory education, and students are required to attend school at least until they are 18 years old. It is divided into 3 basic education cycles (1st cycle of 1st to 4th grade, 2nd cycle- 5th and 6th grade and 3rd cycle, 7th to 9th grade). After basic education, students can choose between regular secondary education (grades 10-12) or vocational education.
It was based on this structure that the whole work program of LTTA was set up, allowing the interaction of the participants with the education system and with schools of all teaching cycles.
  It was thus possible to visit an integrated pre-school and elementary school (Centro de Lijó), where the Portuguese government has invested in recent years to provide schools with excellent physical conditions, creating conditions so that the school can provide educational responses to all students, which include complementary family support responses, such as the opportunity for children to have lunch at school and have free time occupation activities after the school term.
  At the level of basic education of the 2nd and 3rd cycle it was possible to visit a differentiated educational project at Escola EB 2 e 3 Rosa Ramalho, called “Mugs” project. It is a project oriented for students with special needs, where students learn cross-cutting content, from a clay mug painting project characteristic of Barcelos handicrafts, which are later sold to the numerous pilgrims who spend every day in the school door, on the way to Santiago de Compostela. It is a good educational practice that combines education through art and social integration.
  Also worth mentioning in this LTTA was the visit to a Vocational School-School of Technology and Management of Barcelos, where it was possible to verify the Portuguese vocational education model, composed of a modular learning system, divided into 3 distinct areas (socio-cultural, scientific and technical) and a dual system that merges academic and internship experiences in companies.
In the artistic domain it was possible to visit the Barcelos Academy of Music, a school of artistic music education, which is distinguished by a very student-centered and individualized teaching model, which makes full use of students' potential in the artistic domain.
Parallel to the visits to schools and different educational projects, the Workshop with techer Pedro Carvalho, called “Mathematics and Dance”, stands out as a highlight of this LTTA. In this workshop participants were able to experiment on the Gil Vicente Theater stage, how body expression and dance can be used, as an alternative method for the academic learning of mathematics. This was a moment of great group interaction, very intense and of great learning, translating into a very significant experience, which can be replicated in other contexts.


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